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Spring 2010 Fashion Trends, An editorial shot by Michelle Moore

+ We are VERY excited to announce our OFFICIAL launch today! Please enjoy this lovely editorial by Seattle Fashion & High School Senior Portrait Photographer, [Michelle Moore]. This editorial was put together to showcase our top five favorite Spring 2010 trends! Get ready to be inspired!

+ Outfit One – “Socks & Heels”
On Sarah Jean, Dress from [Free People], Belt is vintage, Tights (cut into socks) from [Anthropologie], Shoes from [Aldo], Necklaces & Bracelet, stylists own.
On Rhylie, Jacket & Shirt from [Macy's], Skirt, Socks & Shoes from [Nordstrom], Necklace from [Forever 21].

+ Outfit Two – “Doc Martens”
On Sarah Jean, Vest & Lace Bandeau from [Urban Outfitters], Tank from [Victoria's Secret], Skirt from [Aritzia], Socks & Boots from [Nordstrom], Necklace from [Forever 21], Sunglasses are photographers own.
On Rhylie, Jacket from [Gap], Dress & Lace shorts from [Forever 21], Socks from [Nordstrom], Boots from [Macy's], Sunglasses are photographers own, Bracelets are stylists own.

+ Outfit Three – “Denim on Denim”
On Sarah Jean,, Vest & Skirt are from [Urban Outfitters], Shirt & Shoes are from [Nordstrom], Necklace is from [Forever 21].
On Rhylie, Shirt from [JCrew], Lace Crop Shirt from [Aritzia], Belt from [Nordstrom], Jeans from [Gap], Shoes from [Aldo], Sunglasses from [H&M], Necklaces from [Sway&Cake] and [H&M], Ring is stylists own.

+ Outfit Four – “Mixed Florals”
On Sarah Jean,, Blazer & Belt from [H&M], Shirt, Skirt & Socks are from [Nordstrom], Shoes from [Urban Outfitters], Hat & Necklace from [Forever 21], Ring by Noel Bores.
On Rhylie, Shirt & Yellow Tank from [Macy's], Dot top from [JCrew], Leggings & Shoes from [Nordstrom], Necklace & Bracelet from [Forever 21], Sunglasses are stylists own.

+ Outfit Five – “Bows and Unexpected Ruffles”
On Sarah Jean,, Vest (ribbons added by stylist) & Shirt are from [Urban Outfitters], Pants from [Nordstrom], Shoes from [Aldo], Vintage charm bracelet is stylists own.
On Rhylie, Shirt from [H&M], Skirt from [JCrew], Tights & Shoes are from [Nordstrom], Scarf, Necklace & Bracelet are from [Forever 21], Ring by Noel Bores.

+ Shot exclusively for salt&prep by Seattle Fashion & Senior Portrait Photographer, [Michelle Moore]
+ Photographed on location at the [University of Washington] in Seattle.
+ Makeup, [Jenny Bowker]
+ Hair, Meghann Oliberos
+ Styling, [Stacy Zimmerman]
+ Models, Sarah Jean of [SMG] + Rhylie of [Heffner]
+ Photographers Assistant, [Kristen Marie]
+ Selected Retouching, [Maria Esztergalyos]

+ Michelle’s High School Senior Portrait website can be viewed [HERE]. Michelle is available for Senior Portraits in the Seattle & Portland areas.

+BONUS! Check out a cute “Behind-the-Scenes” video of our shoot! Video made by our lovely Make-up Artist, [Jenny Bowker]!

Christine Pobke - INCREDIBLE!!!! :) Congrats on the launch!!!! Sooooo inspiring – it makes me wanna go online and shop for all of these outfits! (And lose about 50lbs. Hehehe.) Love love love! (PS Michelle, your shots are, as always, perfection. Love you!)

Meg Borders - I <3 this so much.

Elisabeth Carol - This is my first time to have seen this blog and oh my, I am in love!! This a genius blog and I adore this new shoot from Michelle Moore! I will be sending all of my seniors here for ideas!

Reyna - Adorable outfit ideas!

I wish that Free People still had the dress worn in the first shoot, it is adorable! I can see myself wearing that!

jade alana - AMAZING. Amazing! Love this and definately looking forward to seeing more

Sarah - This is so freaking amazing! I have been gushing over this video on Jenny Bowkers youtube sight since she posted it! I love the close ups Michelle – you are a freakin genius!!
Love this site by the way – didnt realize you were behind it! AWESOME!
xo sarah

Benj - UW!!!

Erin Elliott - Absolutely Gorgeous!!! As the mother of a teen and a teenette, I Thank You!!! Inspirational et al.

Michelle - Once again you’ve out done yourself! I’m sending all my seniors and teens to this site for some great fashion inspirations. THANKS!

s h e r r y - These are ammmmmaaazing! <3 <3

Amber Fox - Wow! This is radically different than anything out there! You are genius! Amazing photos, great styles, incredible makeup….everything is wow!

Sara - SO AMAZING! I LOVE IT! P.S. – the models were fantastic and looked absolutely beautiful!

ali - awesome awesome blog, michelle! you are just amazing!

Kassia - These are out of this world gorgeous Michelle!!

Salt & Prep - Thanks to everyone for stopping by! We had a RECORD amount of blog visitors today, and hope you continue to explore the site – and don’t be shy! We would LOVE to hear your comments!! XOXO

gina - LOVE this session!!

Maria Esztergalyos - Everything looks fabulous!! Great job!!!

Jenny J - These are gorgeous Michelle! I’m so excited for your new venture!

Rosie - Looks AMAZING!!! I love all the colors and the happy springtime vibe of the shoot! Bravo to the genius team!!!

Stacy - It turned out fantastic girl!!!!

Nicole - Love this blog! So many beautiful, fresh images. Great job!

Jeannie - What a great idea! Good job!

Lizzie Kimball - **still trying to pick my jaw up off of the ground** LOVE this so much!! You are amazing.

Nicole - Everything about this is freaking ridiculous!!! Love the video, the clothes, the makeup – of course, the photography!!! Everything is just stunning!

Salt & Prep - Thanks everyone! I’m so ridiculously excited about this project, and I’m thrilled we had such an amazing turnout so far!!

Soumya - These girls are fabulous!!!!!!!! and the outfits are great! excellent job! :)

matt - good luck with the new venture michelle-looks great and ps. these shoot is insane!

Jill - In-flipping-credible, you guys! Such eye candy!

promise tangeman - AHHHHHH!!! AAWWWWEEE!!! MICHELLE!!! I do not know how you do it. these are seriously stunning shots. OMG!!!! I have a lot to learn from you. congrats, this was a rockin shoot. I love the vibrant colors. so proud of you and salt and prep. I am sooo excited for you.

AbbyB - UW Cherry blossoms are beautiful – it’s a good inspiration location. I love EVERYTHING about the whole shoot. :)

Amy Russell - i just wanted to let you know that your photography is AMAZING!

Justin Bailey - Loving it loving it loving it, Awesome photography as ever! A big shout from the UK X


Erin MacDougall - Oh my gosh. LOVE the blonde models eyes! Gorgeous! These girls look very natural in front of the camera, so fun to work with I’m sure!

Kelley WC - Gorgeous shoot Michelle!! Absolutely lovely :) And Salt&Prep is totally rocking!

Mcklyn Cole - So fresh and innovative. I love the video coverage, the lighting, the filters, the models. All of it! Hope it gets picked up and published. :)

Bruce - good luck with the new venture michelle-looks great and ps. these shoot is insane!

Anita George - OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!! This is so gorgeous and inspiring, there are literally NO words..

taj white - these are stunning, very inspiring outfits. Love it!!

Michelle Moore’s Salt&Prep Spring shoot » f stoppers - [...] Michelle Moore sent us her very first behind the scenes video and we at fstoppers were thoroughly impressed. I know a lot of our readers are big on strobes and lighting but if this video teaches you anything it is that often times natural light is the best route to go especially when shooting lifestyle images. Here are some details about the shoot from Michelle herself and the final images can been seen at http://saltprep.com/2010/04/launch/: [...]

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